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Sick, infested, or inconvenient trees may need to be removed

Safety First Tree care will try to save trees when possible but sometimes tree removal is required. Removing a tree in Sacramento is often necessary for safety, aesthetics or the health of your other trees.

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Bush Pruning should be handled by a professional pruner. Most plants do require some level of care to keep them healthy and growing properly. Pruning of some sort is the most common needs of plants. We are very familiar with the plants in the Sacramento area and know exactly how to care for them properly.

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Our tree and plant trimming experts will ensure your landscaping stays healthy, continues growth, is well shaped and remains beautiful for years to come. Our professionals recommend trimming/pruning services be done for most plants once a season. When you use Safety First Tree Care to schedule your tree trimming and shrub pruning, we’ll dispatch one of our local landscapers to complete the job without you ever having to worry about the job being done right.

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