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We love promoting the growth for healthier trees

At Safety First Tree care, we understand that keeping your trees trimmed properly not only keeps the nice aesthetic look of your trees, but also promotes growth for a healthier tree. Tree trimming helps bring about new branches, and new leaf growth as well as a preventative measure against storm damage.

Properly trimmed trees can mean the difference between a healthy lawn and brown spots, helping to protect your sidewalks and your home’s foundation.

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Some reasons for trimming trees include distributing the weight and balance of the tree, removing dead wood, helping to elevate the canopy of a tree, and ensuring proper wind flow and sun throughout the tree. The purpose of this service is that every part of the tree should receive about the same amount of sunlight so it grows out fully rather than appearing stunted in one area or another.

As with any service, improperly done pruning and trimming may cause more problems than it solves. We are trained to manage trees all types of trees. Our arborist will be able to evaluate the condition of your trees and help you find the best and most cost effective solutions to make the most of them.

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